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Chemeter SDS authoring software / SDS writing software

SDS Authoring Software

We are pleased to act as agents for Chemeter software by SIAM, an SDS authoring software that can automatically generate compliant safety data sheets in all the major European languages.  SDS authoring software systems offer many benefits to the user including a reduction in time and effort required to author safety data sheets, improved consistency across SDS documents and ease of update in accordance with regulatory changes.  The initial up front investment cost of some SDS authoring software systems has proved a barrier for some companies , particularly where an enterprise has just a small product portfolio.  Chemeter SDS authoring software overcomes this by offering a tiered licensing structure to match the number of SDS that the user requires. 


Standard Features

  • Simple to use SDS authoring software revolving around three routine steps: 1) enter the formulation, 2) input product specific information (form, product type, colour, etc.), 3) save the generated SDS

  • Substance database that can hold different classifications for the same CAS No to accommodate variations in purity or supplier classifications - ever expanding database as new substances are added on user request

  • Automatic calculation of the following physical properties of mixtures - vapour pressure, boiling point, flash point, spontaneous ignition temperature, density, dynamic viscosity

  • Automatic classification of mixtures for supply and transport - editable by the user e.g. preference as regards precautionary statements applied

  • Automatic generation of safety data sheet content based on classification, product use and properties together with other relevant information input by the user

  • Includes control settings to globally adapt software to specific industry/product types e.g. adhesives, coatings, detergents

  • Output of SDS as pdf documents in the chosen language

  • Integrated label editor enables seamless design of compliant product labels

  • R&D simulator allows prediction of properties and classification of an unlimited number of trial formulations

  • Tiered licensing structure ensures a cost effective solution for even micro enterprises with just a small number of products in their portfolio

Add-on Features

  • Module for export of documents to Word to enable customised editing

  • Client services to integrate Chemeter with common ERP management systems

  • Additional language modules covering other EU languages plus Russian, Chinese and Turkish

  • Annual maintenance contract to ensure that software is kept up to date with latest regulatory requirements and software developments.

  • Modules for creating other documents such as transport documents or detergents ingredient lists

  • SdSArea - an SDS management software for managing and tracking the distribution of SDS 

Contact us for a free on-line demonstration of the software

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