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DGSA Training Courses

To qualify as a DGSA in ireland candidates must sit an exam administered by the Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport (CILT) at which they must demonstrate their ability to understand, interpret and apply the ADR transport regulations.  In preparation for the exams most candidates will need to participate in a DGSA training course.  ChemHaz Solutions offer a choice of DGSA courses -  web-based self- study or  traditional classroom style courses.

Self-study DGSA Course

ChemHaz Solutions are proud to introduce our web-based self-study DGSA Training Course.  Reap the benefits that this modern method of course delivery has to offer:

  • Enjoy total flexibility - study at your own pace, anywhere, anytime

  • Eliminate travel and accommodation costs associated with attending a traditional classroom course

  • Minimise disruption to you regular work schedule

  • Avoid the stress of information overload that may be experienced on intensive classroom courses

DGSA Course Content

·    The core DGSA course material is delivered over 14 hours of pre-recorded lectures covering the following topics

         General Philosophy

·         Classification Criteria

·         Identification:  Selection of UN Numbers & Proper Shipping Names from the Dangerous Goods List

·         Containment systems: Types, packaging codes, construction and testing requirements

·         Selection and use of containment systems: General packaging requirements, packaging and tank instructions, mixed packaging

·         Labeling and Marking

·         Documentation

·         Loading unloading

·         Vehicle Crews: training, equipment & operation

·         Vehicles: construction & inspection requirements

·         Exemptions (ADR): activities, load thresholds, Special Provisions, Excepted Quantities, Limited Quantities, Excepted Packages

·         Duties of Participants

·         Other provisions: Training Requirements, Security provisions, Tunnel restrictions, DGSA function, accident reports

·         National Legislation: Competent Authorities, Enforcement measures & penalties, national exemptions


Additional DGSA Course Materials

The DGSA Course materials also include soft copies of the lecture notes, extensive practise exercises, three sets of model exam questions and exam tips that explain the level of information required, the importance of referencing, and examiner’s comments that highlight common pitfalls and errors.  Soft copies of the ADR and Irish regulations can also be supplied for study purposes, but for the exam the student will require a hard copy of the ADR.  A hard copy of the national regulations are also required in the exam, but it is practical to print these off from the soft copy.  One to one tutor support is also available as necessary via phone, email or skype.

·   Self-study DGSA Course Fee 600

CoDGSA Course Access

The DGSA course is stored on a password protected area of the ChemHaz Solutions website.  Once the course fee is paid you will receive a user name and password to gain full access to the course material.


Click here to access your self study course - You will be asked to enter the user name and password provided


 Classroom DGSA Course

Next DGSA course : 27th May 2019

For those wishing to have traditional face to face interaction with a tutor we offer a 5-day intensive classroom course.  This course covers the same content as outlined above for the self-study course.  The main difference is that the course is fully interactive and thus students have the opportunity to immediately ask questions if they do not understand any of the information being presented.  Also numbers are kept small so that the tutor has the time to individually monitor the students progress and correct any miss-understanding that may become evident when practice exercises are completed.

DGSA Course Materials

Course materials include copies of the lecture notes, extensive practise exercises, and three sets of model exam questions.  Copies of the national regulations are also included and if required copies of the ADR regulations can supplied.

DGSA Course Location

Feakle, Co. Clare

Classroom DGSA Course Fee

€1,200 euro without copies of ADR Books

€1,375 euro inclusive of ADR books

A €50 early bird discount applies to classroom DGSA courses booked two months in advance of the next exam date



For further information and bookings please go to the Contact Us page


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