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ADR & IMDG General Awareness Training Course



This one-day in-house training course has been developed to address the general awareness training requirements as specified in Chapter 1.3 of the ADR and IMDG transport regulations for personnel involved in the carriage of dangerous goods who:

    1.     Pack dangerous goods

    2.     Mark label or placard dangerous goods

    3.     Load/unload cargo transport units

    4.     Prepare transport documents 

Although not addressing the specific training requirements for air transport, the course also highlights some of differences associated with the air mode.



1.           Types of Hazards

2.           Regulations governing Dangerous Goods Transport

3.           Transport Hazard Classes & Properties (includes video illustration)

4.           Containment Systems (Packages, Tanks, UN approval,  inspections)

5.           Identification (Dangerous Goods List)

6.           Use of containment systems (Packing Instructions, packaging codes, marking and labelling, Limited Quantity & Excepted Quantity         exemptions)

7.           Segregation & Packing of containers (includes video on packing containers)  

8.           Documentation (DGN declarations)

9.           Other operational Requirements (training requirements, vehicle requirements, tunnel restrictions, security provisions)

10.         Emergency Response & First Aid



Participants are expected to complete a test exercise at the end of the course.  Each participant will receive a certificate of attendance.  The course is recognised by the Maritime Safety Directorate of the Irish Department of Transport as meeting the requirements for shore based personnel under the IMDG code.



    600 euro

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